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the blur of Independence Square at night, passing through in a car

We dazzle our world
jumbled hues bleating horns
flashing halogen eyes
fads scream brightly above
popular chicken houses
the red, white, and night
swirl and bounce
on the windows
cars mingle with pedestrians
drivers steer
passages through circles
space clamors
for more

The masses mash-up
on each other
identity softens and blurs
smeared onto seasoned slabs
the opening
a muster point
for the magic made
the day spent
its dreams dissolving
discarded traces soon dangling
on the past

The noise swells
and heaves its waves
the speed splinters time
transient lime unraveling on stone benches
circuits confess complex communities
the circus spins
yet strands itself in the now
a familiar thing draped as

Dark spots in the gutter
fat rats race the curb
machetes christen the coconuts
young flesh trails the street
the night falls down
everyone is welcome
but no one is home

I wrote this poem while sitting in the midst of it all | 7:56 pm | January 13, 2011 | East side of the Cipriani Statue | Independence Square | Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago