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On the path to developing movement and spiritual theories of liberated booty, I embraced different terminologies along the way. One of my earliest iterations was “Bootyism.” You know how much I love language, and for a while, this word sparked my exploration of the booty, its global implications, and the many perspectives such a charged and sacred word has in our world today. At the heart of what is now evolving into the Booty Folkore dance journey, is the myth I am intuiting from my own meditations and booty movements. A myth that ancestrally speaks through my own body, and is echoed and affirmed to me in the indigenous, life-force oriented dance practices rooted in booty moves that I see throughout humanity.

On May 1, 2009, I presented a very early version of the myth at my JOYISM! show. The musicians created an organic score to the myth, and the live audience was invited to participate in the booty magic in the second half of the dance. Even though this essentially “rough draft” of the myth is now outdated in my own repertoire, it still stimulates fresh inquiry and invites people to explore deeper conversations with me. Even more, liberated booty as a methodology for engaging the world in dance dialogues around the body and what we hold sacred is constantly growing. Sometimes, instead of dreaming up new works, I spend days just sifting through the origins of a creative project like this one. Remember to experiment with some new booty vibrations as you watch the film!