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Lady Ziomi stares at the water under the bridge and is jealous of its freedom photo by Colin A. Danville

Lady Ziomi stares at the water under the bridge and is jealous of its freedom to move on.
photo by Colin A. Danville

“But who says love is really outside these walls? That we got just one way to be in love. So I’m gonna keep feeling my way through; there are no signposts to freedom. And if I stumble badly, and come up with mud on my face. Well at least. At least you can say I was being honest.

If it’s credentials they want, then I’ve got proof that I do good work for love. Just ask my clients. They all come to me with the same shame. “Please, show me how to keep my soul intact.” But then they miss a fundamental point. Don’t nobody just want to be your good-luck doll. You have to want something more meaningful to come from your presence in the mirror. Any man who is routinely afraid of his own heart must learn to tell his own lies. I’m a healer, yes. But I can’t give you your reasons.

But once they start telling you to quiet down the truth. Once they think they have some authority over the relevance of your dreams. Once they start acting like your body is some vehicle of their own institutional needs. It’s ain’t no need to go outside anymore. If that’s what they doing in the world, then I can stay my ass right here and make a joyful noise unto the Lord from the altar of my own understanding. And if that makes so-and-so or whoever uncomfortable then maybe they should stay on the other side of my door.”~~ Lady Ziomi, debunking rumors that her fear of leaving the house will cause her heart to corrode with loneliness.