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Binahkaye Joy presents a chapter from Booty Folklore, “BootyMa Makes the Sun Rise” at the Brecht Forum, NYC.

This is an evolving myth. I believe we have the power at all times to create new myths. The booty has been one of my space activation realms for many years. Be(come)ing a mommy has opened new doors into the process. I am excited to see where the dance journey is growing. This chapter was filmed 10 months before I was pregnant with the munchkin. My stories have been steeping for a while now. The myth has new layers, more language, broader wings.

I am taking all of 2015 to expand, play, write essays, experiment with storytelling techniques, discover new booty movements, develop the theories, and workshop segments of what will become the show. In December of this year I’ll do a public reading of the work in progress. The Booty Folklore show will be produced in conjunction with a performance intensive series and community dance labs. Stay tuned…

Music credits:
Ella Andell, recorded live at Independence Square, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, December 3, 2010
Tosin, Mean What You Say, “Oyinmomo In Da Groove”

Photo by Colin A. Danville

Photo by Colin A. Danville