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When everyone’s crying and mama’s still only got two hands
© 2015 Binahkaye Joy

when everyone’s crying and mama’s still only got two hands
one torso fixed with
arms that can’t be in the bedroom and the bathtub
when big brother falls off the bed
finally hits that head on the edge of the shelf 
the pillow that’s been on guard 
fails to catch him
so you got to not nurse the fussy newborn
and make sure the toddler is not bleeding and not badly bruised
it’s more shock than injury
more insult than pain
mommy moving so slow
letting these babies cry too long  
it’s not patience we need 
but an order of operations
a split-second assessment of who is in more danger
and who can wait out the struggle a few minutes longer
these walls are thin
the neighbors must be curious
but don’t nobody ever come knocking 


Binahkaye Joy is a new mommy, dancer, doula, writer, movement facilitator, and creativity coach. She writes extensively about the intersections of mothering work and the cultivation of a vibrant creative practice. Binahkaye recently gave birth to her second child and captures some of the mystery and magic of mothering two babies in the Rambling Mother of Two collection. Learn more about the New Mommy Writers’ Workshop, the Creative Wellness Lab, and other projects in the works.