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Photo by Colin A. Danville

There is trouble, but this is not paradise
© 2015 by Binahkaye Joy

I don’t know what this is supposed to be
one day I went walking
down a road
that made me promises 
it could not keep

fights broke out
but so did the fog
a mighty mess gathered at the finger tips
who blames who
someone has to account for the many poor

who else prayed for love 
the roses have all dried up
but we still want to call them beautiful

it’s rainy season, remember

maybe a good thing can grow
from such plentiful tears

perhaps the seeds at least
are still pure
in this garden
that I once did call paradise


I am cultivating this fertile space of poetry in my experiments as mother, artist, and woman. I am growing more poems everyday, stumbling generously into whatever I can learn from the poet’s path. Learn more about all of my work here.