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Ma Bethel dances through the tough and beautiful labor of birthing yet another galaxy into being. Photo by Colin A. Danville

Ma Bethel dances through the tough and beautiful labor of birthing yet another galaxy into being. Photo by Colin A. Danville

Ma Bethel has a word with the women of the world
© 2016 by Binahkaye Joy

“But I never said that. I never said ‘go forth and make man the center of every damned thing.’ How would that even sound? What fucking sense would that make—?

Oh you don’t think I curse sometimes? Why, ‘cause I’m God? I made language. I made the fucking sounds you form to make the fucking words. I made the breath that makes the sounds that forms the words you speak. If I want to say ‘fuck,’ I will. I believe it means like, ‘what the fuck were you human beings thinking when you totally wasted all my creative juju– juju that was strong enough to build whole fucking galaxies and birth planets– and instead started building weapons to attack each other and destroy my precious baby, the Earth?’ Like, is that the best you collectively could do? You got scientists who can build atomic bombs but y’all ain’t got nobody to cure cancer? You got people configuring navigation systems so precise they can drop a drone out of the sky a million miles a way to land on whoever’s head they want but they told you they can’t find Relisha? This is madness!

Oh but it’s the men. Right. They are always at damn war. Ok, ok. But who let they asses get so outta hand with this shit. I mean WHY are men telling you what to do with your fucking bodies? Ok, no. WAIT A DAMN MINUTE. I gave you these bodies. I made you these wombs. I put everything you need in there to make your own way in this world. And you mean to tell me that some disconnected, out-of-flow-with-his-own-sacred-juju, dried-up, funky, non-dancing, don’t-even-remember-coming-out-of-his-own-mama’s-womb man is dictating what the fuck you do with your bodies? Huh? Does that make any sense to you? I didn’t fucking think so!

I got whole other galaxies where this shit is not even an issue. Yes, I got whole other planet babies in other galaxies with life patterns like the ones you’re navigating here on Earth. And they are not struggling to love each other. They are not sitting on their juju waiting for some invisible force to come and right their wrongs. I gave you dance, I gave you life, I gave you creativity, I gave you each other. I gave you the booty! WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING DOING!!!!

No, no, that’s a lie about not having enough of this or that. You got people on your planet who are right now surviving war, surviving poverty, surviving genocide, surviving violation, surviving slavery, surviving the destruction of their natural resources by those same outta-their-mind assholes who have forgotten that loving their mother means loving the Earth, who have forgotten that loving life means loving the women who give you life. You got all these people who have suffered, and been broken, and been beaten, AND STILL THEY FIND A WAY TO DANCE! And still they LOVE, and still they CELEBRATE, and still they know the source of their POWER!

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? How are you caught up on every episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but you ain’t called your mother in 8 years? You ain’t called your sister back cause she supposedly stole your good-for-nothing-but-a-quickie-in-the-dark man. You ain’t realized your neighbors’ daughters keep turning up dead or missing and the perpetrators ain’t been named or found. I want to know. WHO THE FUCK IS STEALING MY CHILDREN? WHERE ARE THEY? WHY ARE YOU NOT LOOKING FOR THEM? How you just sitting there like ain’t none of this your problem and not having a damn clue where the fuck your family is? Yes, YOUR FAMILY, the HUMAN FAMILY? Where your people at? How they doing? Who is addicted to what? Who is lonely? Who is on the edge of giving up? Who needs you to PAY THEM SOME FUCKING ATTENTION?

People wanna act brand new when Ma Bethel gets angry. Where you think anger came from? I created that too. I gave you a range of emotions so you could experience the full bounty of your creative powers. I wanted you to experience yourself as an extension of me so that you could never say you didn’t have everything you needed to make a beautiful life together. I gave you the men so that you could have playmates and/or partners made of different frequencies in your life dance if you so choose. NOT BECAUSE IT WAS A MANDATE. Who the fuck came up with this marriage before motherhood nonsense? You got whole nations of women missing their calling to be mothers because they ain’t found a man yet? WHAT? You sitting on your fertile juju because you think it’s only one way to do this. WHAT THE FUCK! Have we met? Have you not seen everything I’ve given you comes in infinite variation? How many fucking trees are there? How many types of birds? How many types of animals? How many languages? Can someone tell me how the fuck they figured there was only ONE WAY TO BE A MOTHER? GTFOH!

NO NO NO! That’s not what I said, that’s not what I said at all. That’s not why I spent the past hundred billion years cultivating these symbiotic, biochemical, metaphysical equations that bring life into the world. Do you realize the womb is my most perfected creation? Do you even know all your womb can do? Do you know your ovaries are coded with the highest form of intelligence? Do you know if you would just go and dance you would access that power in your body? Everyday you pleading with God to make it plain to you, to show you the way, but you ain’t danced! You blowing up my prayer lines, asking me to save you from the consequences of ignoring your intuition, but you ain’t danced? Come on, now! How you look? I don’t even wanna hear it! GET UP! DO A FUCKING DANCE ALREADY!

Start dancing and see don’t you make a holy revolution in your life. See don’t your truth get louder in your ears. See don’t your ability to walk away from people and situations that don’t serve your WOMB magnify with exponential clarity. See don’t people who used to get under your skin not even cause you to blink. See don’t your blood pressure go down. See don’t your diabetes go away. See don’t your kidneys remember their functions so you can get the fuck off of dialysis. See don’t you start craving mangos over big macs. See don’t your pussy start tasting sweet again. See don’t your orgasms come back and make you sing a new song. See don’t these men get on the good foot and start healing they own wayward asses. See don’t they have less time to tell you what to do with your fucking body because they finally remembered how to WORSHIP you, the source of LIFE! See don’t you find you a beautiful man– if that is in fact what you really want. See don’t you finally figure out what it is the fuck you want! See don’t your money start flowing because now you’re actually free to work in your most aligned calling. See don’t you be feeling happier, lighter, more at peace. See don’t your relationships with everybody improve. See don’t you be more radiant. See don’t they come seeking you because you done finally sought yourself!

OOOOOOOH! I’m not playing wit y’all today! Who is ready? Who is ready to DANCE WITH YOURSELF? Who is ready to shift this whole thing? To look at your own naked body and see what a marvelous being of creation you really are. I want this for you. But more than that, I want you to fucking want it for you! I want you to use these powers I gave you! If you living, if you breathing, you are HERE! You got something on this life. You got some say-so in how this goes. Come on sisters, mothers, daughters, aunties, grandmas, womeeeeeeeeen! I’m talking to you! Don’t look around like you cain’t hear me: GET. THE. FUCK. UP. AND. DANCE!!!! Even if you don’t think you ready, even if you scared they gonna call you ugly, call you crazy, even if you think you ain’t talented enough, you ain’t worthy enough, you ain’t whatever enough—GET. THE. FUCK. UP. AND. DANCE!!!!

So who wants it? Who wants their freedom today! Who wants their joy today! Who wants their power today! WHO IS READY TODAY! This dance is the truth! I’m telling you. See don’t you change this world, with your body. Heal all these wounds, with your body. See don’t you find all my children and bring them home. Mothers, especially, keep dancing! Keep birthing your babies! Hold on to your labor! Dance and ride those contractions when they come. Cultivate that power however you can. Push your love out and back into the world. Come on, everybody, DANCE! Stir up that juju and put your fire to work for the blessing of humanity. I did not put the whole world in your hands just so you’d burn it down.

I said it before and I’ll keep saying it until you hear me: Stop fucking wasting my shit. Stop wasting my juju by day, and then praying all night for to me to give you some more. MOVE YOUR BODY! WORK THAT BOOTY! Your temple has been right here all along.” ~~ Ma Bethel gets heated after repeatedly getting prayer requests for her to do something about the troubled men intent on bringing about the destruction of humanity.


Binahkaye Joy is a new mommy, dancer, doula, writer, movement facilitator, and creativity coach. She writes extensively about the intersections of mothering work and the cultivation of a vibrant creative practice. She is founder and gourd keeper of the Mothering Gourd, a creativity immersion sanctuary for mothering artists. She is working on several book projects, including a memoir about the meta-birth journey of her children. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband, James, and sons, Bloom and Wonder. 

/// The Embodied Character process is an experiment in character development for stories, movement sermons, and life. Ma Bethel has been through the most evolutions of all my characters. ///