Photo by my collaborator and co-producer in this life, the father of my children.

Binahkaye Joy is a mother of three and a fertility juju priestess. She supports mothers and women in activating their wildest mothering dreams. Binahkaye cultivates immersive, experiential art happenings and creative communities as a dancer, writer, movement facilitator, and creativity coach. Binahkaye is the owner and principal facilitator of programming for TheFamily Dances, her family’s movement arts boutique. She lives in Washington, DC where she is also a homeschool mama and birthworker for her village.

Be(come)ing Binahkaye is a collection of essays, stories, and open letters that explore different parts of her journey as a black woman mothering creative.

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Binahkaye is available for in-person and virtual workshops, speaking engagements, and private sessions. For bookings, writing and performance commissions, and programming information send inquiries to