Activating my booty in the sun as the days of third trimester moved us closer to the birth.

Activating my booty in the sun, with my scarf and shadow for dance partners, as the last days of the third trimester move us closer to the birth.

My body is a whole new place.

This is really interesting. Sharing my dance journeys from this side of the mothering. I feel like there’s been a renovation in the temple of my understandings. While I experienced an intense connection to my body for pregnancy, labor, birth, and breastfeeding, I have grown detached in other ways, especially the dance-creative parts of me. So, I’m admitting that there’s this silence, a drought, or maybe a kinetic hibernation. But something is different about my relationship to the dance. And while I continue to sift through the dance work that has inspired so much beauty and power in my life and share those stories, I will also be documenting this awakening-dissolving-regenerating-changing nature of the dance in my new mothering body.

Dance work & journeys

  • Essays and stories about my dance projects, workshops, dance journeys, facilitation processes, experiments with communities around the world, conducting space activation labs, my life as a Visionary Space Activator, and more. 
  • The dancer is here, an essay series Like I said, I am figuring out who I am as a dancering mother. I am also tracing through all my creative identity spaces, and telling stories about my experiences and reservations with certain labels. Dancer. Choreographer. Mother of Movement. Visionary Space Activator. Dancering Mommy. I keep evolving, and then I have to recover the dance from its new process in my body. This takes time. | This series is a part of the collection of essays and stories exploring identity for self, family, and artist, Of Roots & Rivers: Mapping Mutable Identities.
  • Movement Facilitation Learn how to work with me. I design customized movement experiences, dance labs, and community dance programs for youth, women, and artists.

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