Index | Be(come)ing Binahkaye Essays & Stories

Because the word must have reach.
photo by Colin A. Danville

  • A Process Creative Narratives along the internal arcs in the development of my artistic voice, methodologies, and experiments
  • Dance Work Essays and stories about dancing and facilitating movement around the world
  • Embodied Character Sketches and excerpts of fiction works discovered through an intuitive-led character development process
  • I am who I am The intangibles of me; things that may not fit clearly in one place, but that are still critical to the whole telling of my be(come)ing
  • Liberated Booty Essays exploring the evolution of a movement methodology centered around the booty’s life force energy; excerpts in the development of the “Booty Folklore” dance journey
  • Motherhood Essay, movement, fiction, and personal narratives connected to my experiences of be(come)ing a mother, growing in doula work, exploring co-parenting and attachment parenting, participating in birth work, practicing mother and motherartist advocacy, developing positive family processes, and more; includes the weekly column Wednesday’s Bloom: Textual Portraits of a New Mommy
  • Transparencies (Open Letters) A writing process that I’m experimenting with in an effort to cultivate self-healing and a more courageous voice in my life

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