Mothering is this everjourney of knowns and unknowns. photo by Colin A. Danville

Mothering is this everjourney of knowns and unknowns.
photo by Colin A. Danville

I am be(come)ing a Mother.

I began engaging in my mothering work long before I gave birth to my son. Some of the writing, art, and journeys shared through the Be(come)ing Binahkaye portal explore the many dimensions of this evolution.

Conversations, essays, art, and stories in the Mothering 

  • Postpartum Muse I’m all about amping up our awareness of the 4th trimester! The first three months of mother and baby’s life as independent bodies. Acutely aware of how lonely and challenging postpartum could be for me, I set out to experiment with the ways, primarily through my writing, that I could use my art to open up conversations around postpartum depression in new and exciting ways.
  • Mother & Motherartist Advocacy These selections explore the methods through which the world is enhanced in all capacities when mothers feel loved and supported in the choices they are making. It takes courage to be our best selves and nurture our children to live their best lives. I am also developing work that experiments with the inherent and interdependent nature of artmaking and mothering processes.
  • Motherhood All things Mothering. Essay, movement, fiction, and personal narratives connected to my experiences of be(come)ing a mother, growing in doula work, exploring co-parenting and attachment parenting, participating in birth work, practicing mother and motherartist advocacy, developing positive family processes, and more. Follow these stories through social media with #mommywrites
  • Doula I am creating a dynamic, and artistically-minded doula practice to serve mothers and their families. There are many steps to this process and many ways to work with me. New programs are in development.
  • #mommyschool I’m studying all sorts of things. I share excerpts from what I’m reading, writing, and discovering along the learning journey.

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