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photo by Arnaldo James

photo by Arnaldo James

Binahkaye Joy is a Visionary Space Activator. Her life’s dance journey is an ongoing, spatially sensitive experiment with humanity and nature. She cultivates multiple spaces in her bloom as teaching artist, writer, doula, and liberated booty practitioner. She has facilitated community dance programs around the world, including Ghana, India, Indonesia, and Trinidad & Tobago. Her work is published in the anthology, Woman’s Work, and she is currently completing her first book of short stories. Binahkaye develops customized movement practices for individuals, families, schools and communities that nurture the discovery of joy and power in the body’s natural, kinetic intelligence. Binahkaye also writes about her innovative movement processes, the adventures of dancing with diverse populations, and conversations about creative works in progress. In addition to developing arts-integrated curriculum for academic programs, she also devises integrated space activation labs with scientists and educators that increase awareness about the myriad applications of dance in everyday life. She facilitates the Community Movement Clinic project, where people “come as they are” to dance together and experience their bodies and their communities in new and positive ways. Committed to dancing with as many people on the planet as possible, Binahkaye illuminates something essential and beautiful with every creative exchange.


3 thoughts on “My bio”

  1. Nobukhosi said:

    Ase’ So very inspiring! Continue to become at-one with all you are intended to be and do! The Creator is pleased!

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