My work

photo by Arnaldo James

photo by Arnaldo James

Writer | Working primarily in fiction, essay, drama, memoir, and birth stories, Binahkaye weaves words together to explore the multitude and nuances of humanity’s experiences.

Mother | Living, breathing, journeying, experimenting, nurturing, trying, crying, loving, being, becoming, walking, raising, running, twisting, leaping, questioning, writing, discovering, playing, laughing, sleeping…sometimes! And more of all things mothering in Binahkaye’s world.

Dancer | An ongoing spatially-sensitive experiment with humanity and nature expresses itself as a dance journey in Binahkaye Joy’s body. She creates movement projects that explore methods of self-healing, myth evolution and storytelling, community cultural practices, cultivation of the artistic spirit. Watch dance excerpts and interviews with Binahkaye, read essays about her creative process and dance work, and request a movement facilitation experience.

Doula | Celebrating a supportive and nurturing culture for mothers and their families during the magically dynamic time of birth, Binahkaye offers prenatal, labor, postpartum doula services. She also facilitates private movement sessions for the motherbaby and family, and movement workshops for pregnant women, their partners, birth coaches, and birth work service providers.

Movement Facilitator | Binahkaye devises and implements exciting, innovative, out-of-the-box dance curriculum and exploratory movement sessions and workshops for individuals, couples, youth and schools, families, communities, and organizations. Inquire about a customized movement facilitation program today!


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