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*Please review all Membership Guidelines before submitting an application for membership.* 

Registration for Circle Gatherings

There are a limited amount of spots for each gathering :: Once you have confirmed your attendance for a specific date, your spot is reserved. We ask that you be especially mindful when choosing your dates, as there is a waiting list for guests of the Workshop to claim unreserved slots.

Circle members receive priority registration :: If you did not pre-register for specific gatherings on your membership application, you will have an opportunity to register for individual gatherings 2 weeks before each event date. An email will be sent to circle members inviting you to register and/or pre-register any guest intending to use one of your guest passes.

Members must confirm what their contribution will be at time of registration for the gathering :: (See details about contributions below.)

Attendance & Cancellation Policy

Circle Gathering programs are structured around the members who attend :: In keeping with our mission of creating an intentional community for the Workshop, the activities put together for the gatherings are shaped with the confirmed attendees in mind. On the application each member shares details about her writing process and goals for her practice. These needs are taken into deep consideration for each gathering.

Please notify as soon as possible if you need to cancel :: Life happens, we know. Please respect the labor that goes into the Workshop, and the guests on the waiting list, and let us know immediately if you cannot attend on the date you reserved. Please notify by email or phone.

Unacknowledged cancellations, “no call, no shows,” will result in loss of membership privileges :: All members are responsible for upholding the integrity of the Workshop and respecting our community. It is unacceptable to not give notice if you are unable to attend. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Contribution Options for Circle Gatherings

All participants must contribute to the Circle Gathering when they attend :: Members have a choice of how they contribute. Guests registrants (not the folks using your guest passes) must pay $20 in advance as their contribution.

Members can choose what their contribution will be :: Members can contribute to the gatherings they attend by either bringing a dish to share with the group and/or making a $10 contribution to the Workshop. Members can use one of the advance payment options (Paypal or Venmo) or bring cash on the day of the gathering.

Members must state what their contribution will be at time of registration :: In the interest of Mealtime planning, we need to know what members intend to bring to the gathering. If you are bringing a food dish to share, please give as much detail as possible so that we can ensure there is a good balance of options and enough food for everyone.

We are a “no pork” space :: Members are encouraged to contribute vegan, vegetarian, or protein (chicken, fish, beans) dishes. Please, no pork at all.

Guest Passes

You are responsible for your guest :: Members must pre-register their guests during the priority registration period. Members must attend the gathering with their guests.

Payment Options

Paypal :: If using Paypal, please submit payment for your preferred membership plan, or contributions for circle gatherings to hello(at)binahkaye(dot)com.

Venmo :: If using the Venmo app, please request “Binahkaye” as a friend, and submit payment for membership, or contributions for the circle gatherings.

Workshop Supplies

Bring your preferred writing tools to every gathering :: Members are welcome to use the writing tools that feel best to them. Pen and paper, journals, laptops, tablets, etc., whatever makes you happy. There will always be spare pens to borrow and loose paper in the event you forget to pack your tools.

Photo & Video Release

Members are invited to be a part of the documentation of the Workshop :: We are documenting the evolution of the Workshop. Some segments of the gathering may be photographed and/or filmed. Members can choose whether they approve their image and/or voice for documentation purposes.

Members may not record any part of the gathering without prior permission :: Members can make special requests to document parts of the gathering for their personal use. Members must obtain permission from individual participants if they want to photograph or record another member or their work.

Privacy & Confidentiality

  • Members are asked to refrain from sharing member-access passwords with anyone who is not a member. Please direct anyone interested in participating to register for membership themselves.
  • Members writing process information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. Members are welcome to post their works in progress or any other Workshop related discoveries on the Virtual Community Space page on Facebook.
  • Unless otherwise informed, assume that intimate conversations at the Circle Gatherings are private and not intended to be shared with others.

Virtual Community

As a Circle Member, you are automatically a part of the Virtual Community. Please review the Virtual Membership Guidelines before submitting a membership application.

More Housekeeping…

  • The gathering site address is private :: Members are asked to not share the workshop address with anyone who is not already registered as a CIRCLE MEMBER. All Circle members will receive the address once membership is confirmed.
  • The gathering space is a shoe free zone.
  • You are responsible for your children at all times :: If you are bringing your child/ren with you, please prepare snacks and quiet activities for them. The workshop space is intimate and there is not a separate play area for children, nor will there be any toys in the space.
  • The gathering space is a non-smoking zone.
  • Pets are not allowed in the gathering space. 
  • If you have any food allergies or special dietary needs, please let the facilitator know once your membership is confirmed.
  • Members are asked to turn all devices to silent at the start of the Workshop.



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