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Photo by Colin A. Danville

Photo by Colin A. Danville

Binahkaye Joy is a writer, dancer, doula, and movement facilitator. She is deeply committed to creating more spaces of visibility for the complex and layered work that is mothering. Through writing and telling her own stories about the phenomenal, terrifying, magical, vulnerable, and courageous journeys of being and becoming a mother herself, she nurtures this calling everyday.

When so many of her mommy friends started asking her to explain how it was she was making time to write, she had no simple answers for them. Instead, she dreamed up the New Mommy Writers’ Workshop as a way to demystify the work of writing for mothers and other women active in their mothering work. At the core of what motivated her to create the workshop is a belief that everyone, and especially women navigating the sacred work of mothering, should be supported in identifying and articulating their processes to themselves and the world. Humanity’s ability to progress beyond the historical litanies of war, destruction, and oppression depends on this rising movement of a courageous mothering heart. Those of us willing to reclaim our spaces, build new narratives, break the silences, and live in our authenticity, however imperfect or complicated we may be.

In addition to writing fiction, essay, and other personal narratives, each week she writes specifically about whatever truth she has stumbled through along her own mothering path in Wednesday’s Bloom: Textual Portraits of a New Mommy. She is published in the anthology, Woman’s Work (Girlchild Press) and her short stories have won the Larry Neal Writers Award three times. She is working on several book projects, including a memoir about the birth of the munchkin, her first child. She began facilitating the New Mommy Writers’ Workshop in July 2014.

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