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 Wait! This might answer your burning question:

The New Mommy Writers’ Workshop welcomes all mothers, mothers-to-be, and women who identify as mothers, and/or are engaged in any form of mothering work. Mothering Work includes, but is not limited to, being a mother, caring for children, being an auntie or godmother, wanting or trying to get pregnant or adopt, wondering about future pregnancies or visualizing motherhood, healing from the loss of a child or trauma in the womb, healing from trauma in the body, working to strengthen or heal your relationship with your mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, or your own self, providing care for a mother or parent figure, being a midwife, doula, or birth worker, being an artist, and working in service to women, mothers and children.

Or maybe you have other questions…hopefully this helps you understand more about the New Mommy Writers’ Workshop, how you can participate, membership opportunities, and more.

Why is it called the “New Mommy” Writers’ Workshop if the workshop is for more than just new moms? We want to emphasize that this is a mother-centric workshop space. The needs of mothers and those who are engaged in any mothering work are deeply valued here and we try our best to accommodate those particular needs as best we can. Breastfeeding, crying babies, smelly diapers, needing to get up and bounce your baby on your shoulder, needing to eat or feed your child, feeling uncomfortable because of pregnancy, needing to handle a bathroom emergency–all things that sometimes make mothers feel less than welcomed in a space–are all okay at the Workshop! Also, had it been called simply a “women’s” workshop, the critical element of exploring our writing and creativity as it interacts and shapes our mothering journeys would be understated. There are women who don’t visibly look like they are mothering, because they don’t have children, but who are still concentrating a lot of their life energy on mothering work. We call this invisible mothering work. Fertility planning, researching adoption, healing from pregnancy loss, healing from abortion, trying to get pregnant, having private, mental debates about whether or not to have children, caring for mothers or someone else’s children– and so many other things that are a part of mothering work. This workshop welcomes all women who identify as being active in some form of mothering work. Lastly, the “new” is because anyone navigating the inevitable unknowns of mothering work is in a constant state of discovery. We believe that this is why wherever we are on our mothering path, we are experiencing a newness, a beginning.

Can I bring my children to the Circle Gatherings? Moms, that is entirely up to you! It is our philosophy that children should always be able to be with their mothers if that is what mommy feels is best. That said, please consider these factors when making the best decision for whether you come by yourself or bring your child/ren.

  • You are responsible for your child/ren at all times. There is no childcare.
  • The workshop space is intimate and will not be able to accommodate a children’s play area.
  • While children are welcome to be in the space, this is absolutely an adult event. There will be mature content discussed and we want to encourage an environment where participants can speak freely.
  • Toddlers and preschoolers may feel a bit bonkers in the space. Infants who aren’t so mobile and older children who can quietly entertain themselves will probably not have as challenging a time.
  • Again, you know your child! Make whatever decision is best for you. The Workshop would rather you come with your baby/child than not come because you’re worried you wouldn’t be welcomed.

What is the mission of the New Mommy Writers’ Workshop? So glad you asked! The mission of the New Mommy Writers’ Workshop is to create expanding, visible, and tangible spaces for the work of mothering. Read more about the Workshop’s philosophy and guiding principles.

Is this workshop only for mothers? No! The Workshop is open to women who identify as being active in some form of mothering work. Is this true for you? If so, then you are welcome!

I’m not a “new mommy.” My kids are older. Is it okay for me to come? In this workshop space, we recognize that ALL of us are learning something NEW in whatever stage/journey of MOTHERING we’re engaged in. We’re all “new mommies” in that sense, and the Workshop is for all of us.

Is the Workshop free? Not anymore! It used to be, though, back in 2014. But we are evolving, and producing this workshop and cultivating this community is a lot of work and takes time, resources, and funding. Learn more about membership and participation options here.

I can only make one or two of the Circle Gatherings. Can I still participate if I’m not a member? You can pre-register as a Guest and get on the waiting list! Members enjoy priority registration. Once all members have had a chance to register, the remaining slots are then open to the guest registrants. As a guest you’ll have to pay in advance to confirm your spot at the gathering.

Why do I have to bring a contribution to the Circle Gathering if I’ve already paid a Membership fee? Great question! Your membership fee is an investment into the development and sustainability of the Workshop. It covers materials needed for the workshop and additional food and beverages for Mealtime. Part of cultivating a strong, intentional community is inviting members to take personal responsibility for some part of the gathering. Just as it takes everyone’s mindfulness to make sure there are no gaps when we stand together in a circle, it takes everyone’s conscientious effort to nurture a dynamic Circle Gathering. As a member you have the choice to contribute to the gathering with a food dish for the group and/or a $10 contribution for the facilitator’s labor and time.

Learn more: OverviewMembershipCircle GatheringsVirtual Community, Mission & Philosophy


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