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Mission Statement

The mission of the New Mommy Writers’ Workshop is to create expanding, visible, and tangible spaces for the work of mothering.


Mothering work is a vital element of cultivating a thriving, love-centered, holistically intelligent humanity. The wisdom acquired through mothering is healing for the world’s people in many ways. The more that mothers and women who are active in their mothering work access the infinite resource of their personal wisdoms, the more positive and welcoming the world will become. One way we tap into this wealth of mothering power is by identifying and articulating our own words through writing. There are many forms of expression, but writing is unique in that it gives us practice for how we actually speak and advocate for ourselves in the real world. Our writing, and the stories we allow it to hold, are blueprints for how we communicate our truths out loud. To the important people in our lives, to the complex communities that house our families, to the emerging societies where we are experimenting with how to make more opportunities for ourselves so that our mothering fullness can grow in peace. To everyone, and everywhere, we mothering hearts must be vocal about who we are, what we do, and what it is we are creating.

Guiding Principles

  • We are all writers. In the Workshop, we take responsibility for the power we have to shape and use the words that are authentic to ourselves. We are the author of our own words, we are the tellers of our own stories.
  • Mothering work takes on many forms. Mothering work includes, but is not limited to, being a mother, caring for children, being an auntie or godmother, wanting or trying to get pregnant or adopt, wondering about future pregnancies or visualizing motherhood, healing from the loss of a child or trauma in the womb, healing from trauma in the body, working to strengthen or heal your relationship with your mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, or your own self, providing care for a mother or parent figure, being a midwife, doula, or birth worker, being an artist, and working in service to women, mothers and children.
  • It is necessary that we acknowledge that we are active in our mothering work. A major component of increasing a lasting visibility for mothering work is to be vocal about our processes. Mothering work has always been “going on,” but many of the journeys associated with this work are silenced, buried, erased, or dismissed in the narratives of who we are as women. When we acknowledge that we are engaged in mothering work, we make more space for the entire mothering community. Writing is one way we acknowledge this work, and it’s one way we make more space for our work.
  • Every mothering path bears wisdom. All our journeys are unique, and the wisdom we gain along them is vital to the cumulative influence we wield as mothering beings in this life. Writing is an opportunity to articulate and document this wisdom, and ensure that the mothering of the future has access to their foremothers’ evolutions. There’s so much we can be learning from each other. Writing helps us follow each other’s stories.
  • Gathering in circle strengthens our individual creative practices. Making eye contact with one another, listening to the sounds of others’ voices, allowing others to witness our awkward, courageous baby steps towards feeling empowered in our own words, encouraging each other in the moment, validating each others feelings, and responding conscientiously to each other’ words–all of this deeply nourishes the creative process for the entire circle. The warmth generated when we come together is extremely powerful and transformative. It is critical that we make time for this circle ritual as often as we can.

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