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The Workshop

The New Mommy Writers’ Workshop consists of several key elements. Each workshop, whether facilitated in person at a Circle Gathering, or customized for a webinar or small group and presented virtually, is different.

Activity Bar (Circle Gatherings only): Doors open 30 minutes early before each session so that participants who wish can get into their writing groove before the workshop begins. There will always be a variety of self-guided writing activities and arts and crafts supplies available during this time.

Mealtime (Circle Gatherings only): Participants share a meal together and discuss where they are in their mothering journeys, reflect on the suggested readings that were sent out ahead of the gathering, and get to know each other better.

Opening Circle :: Participants introduce themselves to the group by responding to a specific question or a prompt.

The Free Write :: Participants choose from a selection of writing prompts, the word-and-picture bank collage, or their own ideas and challenge themselves to write without taking the pen off the page.

Creativity Lab :: In this activity, participants are guided through an exercise that helps them become more aware of their relationship to their writing/creative process.

Writing Skills Builder :: Participants are led through an activity that explores a writing technique that will enhance their writer’s toolbox.

Writing Time :: Participants choose something to work on for their quiet writing time. They are welcome to bring something already in progress or use any of the Workshop materials as a prompt.

Sharing Circle :: Everyone has an equal amount of time to share an excerpt of whatever they worked on with the group and/or share where they are in their writing journey. Participants can give each other feedback and offer suggestions or encouragement for each other.

Next Steps :: Participants are given suggestions for ways to sustain their writing practice and continue developing their material. Participants share their goals and how they would like to be held accountable.

Closing Circle :: Participants give their closing reflections; workshop concludes.

Virtual Activity Bar

There are a number of ways that Virtual members can engage in the Workshop community. Circle Members are automatically a part of the Virtual Community. 

Customized Writing Prompts :: All members :: Once or twice a month (depending on membership level), participants receive an email with a writing prompt that is personalized to their expressed writing process and goals. In the application for membership, there is a section where members elaborate on where they are in their writing journey and prompts are carefully generated to stimulate their individual needs.

Monthly Webinar :: All members :: Designed with the global mothering membership in mind, the webinar is accessible to all members! Beginning in March 2015, the membership will be able to access an online writing workshop hosted by the facilitator.

Creative Process and Writing Strategy Session :: All members :: Participants can schedule their complimentary one-on-one video call with the facilitator anytime during the membership season. Participants can bring their questions to the facilitator, discuss strategies for enhancing their writing process, and receive creative counsel on works in progress. If Skype or Google Hangout is not an option, a phone call will be scheduled instead.

Discount for services at the Creative Wellness Lab :: All members :: The Creative Wellness Lab opens in March 2015. Services will include creativity coaching and customized strategy development in three areas: movement, writing, and mothering work. Services will be for individuals, partners, and small groups. Some services will be available online (ie. Skype or Google Hangout sessions) and some will be available in person. More details coming soon!

Virtual Community Space on Facebook :: All members :: (beginning January 2015) :: Members can access this page to experiment with weekly writing activities, review articles about personal creative processes and development, read other members’ works in progress, ask the community for support with writing and other creative blockages, and more. *This a closed group and only members will be able to participate on the page.*

Learn more: MembershipMeet the FacilitatorCalendarFAQs


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