New Mommy Writers’ Workshop :: Virtual Membership Guidelines

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*Please review all Membership Guidelines before submitting an application for membership.*

Registration for Membership

All participants of the Virtual Community must either be registered as Circle Members or registered as Virtual Members. Choose your preferred Membership plan. Membership opens January 1, 2015.

Workshop Community

We are seeking to create an intentional community for the New Mommy Writers’ Workshop. We invite our members to take responsibility for the work of holding this virtual space together with integrity and respect. Participants are tuning into this virtual gathering from all over the world. We want to ensure a vibrant and healthy learning environment where everyone feels welcome to share.

Participation Options

The Virtual Community will officially launch March 1, 2015. Virtual members can still take advantage of some membership benefits beginning January 1, 2015:

  • Customized Writing Prompts :: emailed directly to members
  • Personal Conference with the Facilitator :: email to schedule your appointment
  • Access to the Members-Only Virtual Community Space on Facebook :: members are automatically added to the page by the Facilitator

*When the full Virtual Community services go live in March 2015, more instructions for virtual participation will be posted.*

Payment Options

Paypal :: If using Paypal, please submit payment for your preferred membership plan, or contributions for circle gatherings to hello(at)binahkaye(dot)com.

Venmo :: If using the Venmo app, please request “Binahkaye” as a friend, and submit payment for preferred membership plans, or contributions for the circle gatherings.

Privacy & Confidentiality

  • Members are asked to refrain from sharing member-access passwords with anyone who is not a member. Please direct anyone interested in participating to register for membership themselves.
  • Members writing process information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. Members are welcome to post their works in progress or any other Workshop related discoveries on the Virtual Community Space page on Facebook.




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