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The Virtual Community supports all members by fostering opportunities for continued dialogue with each other about developing a personal writing practice, expanding one’s creative process, and sharing mothering stories.

Customized Writing Prompts :: All members :: (beginning January 2015) :: Once or twice a month (depending on membership level), participants receive an email with a writing prompt that is personalized to their expressed writing process and goals. In the application for membership, there is a section where members elaborate on where they are in their writing journey and prompts are carefully generated to stimulate their individual needs.

Creative Process & Writing Strategy Session :: All members :: (beginning January 2015) :: Participants can schedule their complimentary one-on-one video call with the facilitator anytime during the membership season. Participants can bring their questions to the facilitator, discuss strategies for enhancing their writing process, and receive creative counsel on works in progress. Schedule here.

Virtual Community Space on Facebook :: All members :: (beginning January 2015) :: Members can access this page to experiment with weekly writing activities, review articles about personal creative processes and development, read other members’ works in progress, ask the community for support with writing and other creative blockages, and more. *This a closed group and only members will be able to participate on the page.*

Monthly Virtual Circle :: All members :: (beginning March 2015) :: Designed with the global mothering membership in mind, the webinar is accessible to all members! Beginning in March 2015, the membership will be able to access an online writing workshop hosted by the facilitator. 

Customized Virtual Workshops :: A discounted service for all members from the Creative Wellness Lab :: (beginning March 2015) :: Individuals, partners, and small groups up to 5 will be able to schedule personalized workshops with the facilitator online.  Each workshop will follow the format of a Circle Gathering, and be administered through a live video call.

Learn More: Overview, Meet the FacilitatorFAQs, Membership


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