Space Activators

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photo by Arnaldo James

Why a space activation lab?

Our moving bodies radiate a powerful energy. When we choose to dance, we can also choose to pour positive intentions into the space around us. How big is the space you occupy in this world? What are you filling that space with? Is it your best offering?

Space activation is a dance EXPERIMENT, hence the lab! And everyone in the lab is a SPACE ACTIVATOR! The movement games are initiated by a series of inquiries that you are invited to answer in your body. Each participant shapes the total experience. There is a gentle and FUN warm-up. Some parts of the lab will be solo, and other parts with a partner or a small group. As the facilitator, I have a “map” in mind, but as COLLABORATORS we all inform the process.

All movers WELCOME. Everybody has a DANCING body!


Need more information about an event? Have questions about bringing a program to your community? Please use the message form below!


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