The story of how Delilah walks away from a bad night

This is a growing storyboard, a collection of ideas, images, and insights for the scene when Delilah walks away from a bad night.


What happened that night | I don’t know yet. I am still listening out for this part of the story. Loosely, I think it has something to do with a disappointment from a man, someone special who bruised her heart. Some rupture of trust that led her to literally walk away from the seemingly public and unfortunate outcome. She avoids the weariness of being bitter. But she does need to walk it off, shed the debris of loving somebody that didn’t want to be loved. | added to the storyboard 3.4.2014


photo by Colin A. Danville

Delilah stays on the road sometimes | When I was performing Delilah for the photo shoot, I improvised her story into the space. All I knew going in was that she was hitchhiking. It always was so interesting to me that in almost every other country I’ve been to, I routinely got rides from strangers all the time. It was just a part of getting around. But the thought of hitchhiking in the United States is automatically a “no” in my mind. It seems so out of the question. Every time I come home from being away, the stark difference in how I navigate the city is so apparent and makes me ask questions. Delilah is more trusting of her ability to be in control of any situation. She is open to catching a ride, but she’s also content to just walk and pace the journey on her own time. | added to the storyboard 3.4.2014

photo by Colin A. Danville

photo by Colin A. Danville

The shoes | I bought these shoes especially for Delilah’s character the day before the shoot. I’ve worn them exactly once. They were extremely uncomfortable, but I figured Delilah wouldn’t feel discomfort from her beauty. She’d walk ten miles in those heels because they were her own shoes to walk in. | added to the storyboard 3.4.2014


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